Megadungeon generator

I forgot what a chore starting an entire new section of the dungeon was. On an entirely different floor. Especially when you have no vision of what that section should look like. Saturday night with a White Russian, a Megadungeon Map, a vision, and no idea how to proceed. This Megadungeon Monday, we use the power of doodles to add some backstory to our growing dungeon map. And then we use the power of names to put off drawing an actual map for another week.

Megadungeons in print and on the web

On this Megadungeon Monday, we finish the exit map we started nine months ago before the Megadungeon project fell off the face of the Earth. A well-designed, well-paced adventure hangs on the exit map. And designing a good exit map is more about incentives and psychological tricks than it is about walls and doors. Maps are tools for organizing and presenting information.

Think of it as a project update and a preview of a very big, exciting development. Information management is one of the trickiest parts of adventure design. Our Megadungeon has a story to tell. We have to figure out how to tell it. And also figure out what that story actually is. They say starting is the hardest part.

So, how do you recover from burn out on a project you used to love? And how do you avoid burn out in the future? But, like everything else in this giant project, we have to figure out how best to do something before we start actually doing it. Good game design is about understanding incentives. Rewards only encourage good behavior. To discourage bad behavior, sometimes you need to beat someone with a stick. Encapsulation: the art of designing around nonexistent systems and filling in the blanks later.

Say, by designing a random encounter system for your megadungeon. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for a game experience is to impose restrictions and limitations. For all their clever plans, a game designer can only create mechanics. Create them right and the players will experience the grand plan in all its glory. But RPG designers have a lot of screwed up notions when it comes to this simple truism. What does one think about when one starts sketching out the basis for a huge megadungeon map?

Everything, of course. From spreadsheet to flowchart to map. But figuring out how to do that is tricky.

The Random Dungeon Map Creator

Sometimes, you just have to throw a bunch of work away and start over. And sometimes a bunch of work will just come out of you with no rhyme or reason when you least expect it. Both are as much a part of the design process as anything else. Before we can start drawing maps to any sort of scale, we need to know what our scale is. How BIG is a room in our megadungeon? Why is it that big? What even is the point of a map?For instance is properly formated as 10, etc.

Mundane and Magic Items not yet implemented. Nothing has yet been flagged for Crypt or Sewer so use Generic All for now. Core monsters implemented and a single MM IV monster at dungeon level 6 has been added.

We are currently compiling the data for the other source books that are listed with more to follow. Old saves will no longer work in this version. This lets you turn on and off the additional info such as door HP or monster source info. This is for DMs that are mostly interested in the basic info and can do the heavy lifting on their own. This was a very large task and I had to type alot of data into a spreadsheet for this. The charts don't match the ones in the DMG percent but they are very close.

One monster from the Monster Manual IV has been added and more will be added soon. This is at a very early stage.

Max CR for traps will be half of the dungeon level. The trap tables for the appropriate CR and two CR below max will be used for random generation. Rather than force it into the map before the rooms are generated I decided to let the generator check the corners of the map to see if that space is empty and place the compass in an empty corner.

If none of the corners end up empty there will be no compass.

megadungeon generator

This shouldn't happen that often if ever. This will allow you to load a map and generate several different adventures for that same map. I need to implement CR value selection at the same time. I have a feeling this will happen a few more times before were done -- sorry.

This required a change in the way data is passed between the launcher and the mapper so maps you have previously saved will not work unless you add ,0 before the last value the seed value for example 6,6,50,3,6,0,3,4 add ,0 here0. After generating a map there will be a save value at the bottom. Simply copy and paste that value into a document like a.

You just need to paste it in the launcher load spot and press Load followed by Generate and it will create the exact same dungeon. Room doors unaffected. Map Settings. Small Medium Large. Short Medium Long.Search: Filter: Language:. A while ago I started working on a megadungeon map generator which documents every step of its growth using a little picture, and every one of these pictures links to a rendering of said map using Gridmapper for debugging purposes.

When I started the project, the first thing I did was draw the kind of dungeon elements I expected to find in a simple generated megadungeon map. Next, I drew a map using the elements I had identified.

megadungeon generator

I also started looking at corridor lengths and the like. And finally, I tried to identify some simple statistics to build a simple table of probabilities, a bit like a Markhov chain.

The way the generator works is that it places elements and based on the element it just placed, it randomly chooses appropriate next steps. The way to describe it right now would thus be something like this:. Add your comment here or contact me on Tabletop Social. Or write a blog post and link to it! Note: in order to facilitate peer review and fight vandalism, we will store your IP number for a number of days.

See Privacy Policy for more information. See Info for text formatting rules. You can edit the comment page if you need to fix typos.

You can subscribe to new comments by email without leaving a comment. Give it a whirl! Or eliminate dead ends after the fact. Placement of statues, altars, treasure chests, tables, beds, open pits and traps. All of these terms need decisions to be made.

When megadungeons ruled Dungeons & Dragons

Please note our Privacy Policy.Why make everything from scratch when these DnD generators can help you with the heavy lifting? We've collected map generators, dungeon generators, NPC generators, and more all in one place.

These represent some of the best and most recommended DnD 5e generators out there, but if we've missed any let us know. Sometimes you need a map on the fly. These map generators will get you what you need right away. You can make a medieval fantasy city with amazing towns, cities, and continents in no time at all.

Try out all these different map generators and put them to good use! A random world map generator with full continent creation. Players are always looking for good loot. These treasure generators will get you everything you need, from standard loot generation to complex magic items.

These tools contain everything you need to fill your dungeons, monsters, and castles with fantastic fantasy treasure. While you can certainly craft a dungeon by hand, dungeon generators make it easy to have a quick pickup game of DnD.

These dungeon generators will give you maps that range from small and simple dungeons all the way to massive multi-session mega dungeons. When planning encounters, these encounter generators can help you calculate the perfect session.

Not only are they great for inspiration, these tools help you balance CR, calculate EXP, and plan ahead. Encounter generators aren't just for the lazy DM; they're a time saver that can help you take your encounters to the next level. If you have writer's block, you've come to right place. Story generators give you a solid framework of ideas to get your stories going. Nothing that comes out of a generator is a perfect masterpiece, but the inspiration these provide can help you come up with new plot hooks, ties, and stories for you game.

You never know when you're suddenly going to need a new NPC, so we've assembled the best tools around to help you create characters, NPCs, and keep track of them all. No matter what kind of character you need to make, the NPC generators will help you build a character with more than just base stats.

Roll up a new NPC today and see just how good these tools can be. Back before we had digital generators it was all dice and tables! These roll tables are perfect for pulling up quick descriptions, story elements, or points of interest when your players inevitably walk away from whatever you actually had planned. We found more generators, but these don't fit into any of our grouping above! As this list grows we'll break out different categories from here.

Until then, if you're looking for something that doesn't fit anywhere else, it'll be here. If you find any on your own, let us know so we can add them here! Various generators and tools for 5E. Skip to content. Map Generators.So in this post, I present the megadungeons in print or on the web. If you prefer advantage, concentration, and armor classes that go up, you can play these dungeons with fifth edition. Just use the monster stats in your new manual and make up any difficulty classes as you go.

Insane wizards? Snap reaction: A mountain of interesting content locked behind the dungeonaday paywall. Update: The only trace of dungeonaday now on the web is an adventure drawn from its content, The Tomb-World of Alak-Ammu r.

Typical reviews: None. You could be the first to review this product. Rational: A feuding family who practiced abominable sorceries. Snap reaction: A labor of love offered for free. On the down side, there are some tedious bits. Snap reaction: No mere list of rooms, this product builds a campaign with numerous quests around a megadungeon. Snap reaction: A strong but uneven anthology that ranges from inspired to silly, just like the old-school dungeons it emulates.

megadungeon generator

The cutaway map calls me to adventure. Snap reaction: This collection of levels created by all-star contributors probably plays better if you divide the levels into separate dungeons. Enter it, find its secrets and defeat it—or die trying. Rational: A temple to a trickster god Snap reaction: With a catch-all concept and many contributors, expect a trap- and puzzle-filled dungeon loaded with ideas.

Rational: A complex created by refugee priests of Orcus Snap reaction: Suited to old-school DMs who somehow recruit the rare players who enjoy dungeon-only campaigns, high body counts, and unwinnable final encounters. Snap reaction: Highly touted by old-school fans. Adopts a concise presentation inspired by 1-page dungeon design.

Snap reaction: Not so much an adventure as a publishing stunt. The recent Castle Gargantua is missing.

Running a Megadungeon - DM Tips

Hi Carlos, Thanks for suggestion Castle Gargantua. With a combination of random areas and mapped sections, Castle Gargantua looks like a unique product. I mean experience… Did I say die? Thanks for the tip! I guess the line is blurred for what makes a mega dungeon, is it levels, is it total keyed encounters?

The 2nd act is a fully keyed city that functions very much like a open air mega dungeon, and the 1st act is an overland area that contains the city.The Dragons of Rosgarth is written by Kyle Norton Dungeons on Automatic and is an adventure and setting expansion that sounds to be epic! I was only expecting The Dragons of Rosgarth not three books! A fourth add on book has been offered!

This is really fantastic and unexpected. You can read it here if you would like. Everyone else will either have to make arrangements to have it shipped from the States to their home or purchase it from SJG Amazon Print on Demand service.

Now two years ago I thought that was great despite the black and white pages. Now the Companion is Pod and Exploits is from the box set. The covers are comparable but there is more of a gloss finish to the Exploits. They have comparable gsm read below for gsm definition. Quite simply, it allows print buyers and print suppliers to know exactly about the quality of paper that is being ordered.

The higher the GSM number, the heavier the paper. You can have higher quality paper in a lower gsm to a higher gsm. So the paper of the Companion is thicker at 0. However the Companion is less dense or more porous. It would, in my opinion, tear easier than the paper from Exploits which is a gloss paper and better quality. Now here is where I really get critical.

Exploits is either Saddle stitched or Loop Stitched. Companions is Perfect bound. Perfect Bound is when they take single sheets of printed paper 2 pages or one sheet folded 4 pages and bind them together with a thermal glue into a book. A very good quality thermal glue should last a few years. It is fairly flexible. A cheap thermal glue will dry out, crack and fall apart.

Now the bottom book is Exploits from the box set and bound in China. You have 4 sections roughly 28 pagessewn together then perfect bound with a generous amount of adhesive. How much will those outside of the U.The megadungeon is a cornerstone of fantasy role-playing games.

Level upon level of twisting corridors and nefarious rooms filled with monsters, traps, puzzles, and magical treasures. This was my first exposure to the megadungeon concept, and it was love at first sight. At first a dwarven mithril mine, later invaded by drow and duergar, and eventually expanded and filled with monsters and traps by the Mad Wizard Halaster, it's something of a proving ground for adventurers who seek to learn Halaster's secrets.

Undermountain's many levels contain temples, gates to other planes, an entire pirate city, and it connects to the Underdark, which is basically an entire subterranean world. The idea of a megadungeon works well beyond sword and sorcery. Set in the Warhammer 40K universe, Space Hulk has appeared in many incarnations, including a board game, card game, and several video games. In each iteration, your squad of space marines has to explore a derelict spaceship filled with genetic mutants, bizarre aliens, and myriad environmental hazards.

While not every game of Space Hulk takes place on a massive map, the ships you explore are conceptually enormous. Players have built huge Space Hulk sets and combined multiple games into enormous mazes at game conventions. Blackreach is a signature location in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. It's semi-abandoned underground city filled with eerily beautiful glowing mushrooms, strange ruins, rare plants and other oddities. The first time you delve into Blackreach, you can't help but be a bit awestruck.

The silence down there is intense, creating a tension and wonder I've rarely experienced in video games. Blackreach itself is massive, but to get to it you actually have to work your way down through another dungeon, a Dwemer ruin. And Blackreach is actually connected to three of these dungeons, so there's no doubt it's worthy of the "mega" appellation.

This is a somewhat mysterious megadungeon because few people have ever truly seen all of it. Some of the published versions have included input from Gygax, some were adapted from his notes, some had nothing to do with Gygax at all. The glimpses we have of his original ideas, published in some very early gaming magazines in the s, reveal that Gygax was always a mad genius. He had Balrogs as servants. The remainder of the level was populated by Martian White Apes, except the sub-passage system underneath the corridors which was full of poisonous creatures with no treasure.

Level twelve was filled with Dragons. Even if you account for the large core being taken up by the reactor, the Death Star is still a space station the size of a moon filled with winding corridors, prison levels, strange caverns, plenty of storm trooper goons to battle, and a couple of big bads. There must be thousands of miles of corridors to explore. I used to bullseye wererats with magic missile back home.

megadungeon generator

The megadungeons of Minecraft aren't one specific dungeon, but the randomly generated caverns you find in Minecraft provide some of the most viscerally exciting explorations in all of gaming. It's hard to explain if you haven't experienced it, but when you're digging deep underground and break through to the inky depths of some massive cavern complex and hear the terrifying sounds of monsters lurking somewhere in the darkness, a serious chill goes up your spine.

Minecraft's dungeons can be claustrophobic mazes that suddenly open into gorgeous vistas, like an underground canyon with a lava river pouring down a huge cliff. You might find abandoned mines, rare treasure, and even portals to other realms.

Random Dungeon Generator

The launch weekend is May 10 and 11, and the first week of play is May You can also purchase a pdf of the adventure and run it with your own gaming group. If you're not sure if a brand new megadungeon this is the first official reveal of the map — an io9 exclusive! Forest of Slaughter, people.

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