Maplestory hyper stats guide 2020

The hyper stat build guide mainly focuses on raw damage, so prioritize on maxing Hyper Stat damage, boss damage, minimum critical damage, maximum critical damage as these works for all jobs. Next are the complimentary hyper stats which are ignore defense, status resistance, primary stat, secondary stat, critical rate and stance. The table below is a reference guide for Hyper Stat Build.

Character Stats and Hyper Stats - Maple Guide

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Adele Class Guide – MapleStory 2020 Reboot

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Indeed it would be great if this guide was updated to included the new Hyper Stats. It is just nice that we can reset the stats, but would be great to save 10M in the end. CelestialOne: IED is multiplicative, not additive. That is why small additions do not necessarily impact the total. However, rest assured that it is not a waste.

On high-level enemies, it can affect total DPS by millions of damage. IED is crucial. To all: Once a character reachesthey will have accumulated a total of Hyper Stat points as the guide states. Beyond that, it depends on class and preference. Status Resist is always good, though it has diminishing returns. Thanks in advance. As a mihile main, i have top quality gear such as superior gollux set, tyrants, etc.

As i add another point, it doesnt move and stays at Hello ayumilove.Play MapleStory Now. If you have points to invest, try pressing the [Auto-Assign] button, where points will be invested in the stats most recommended for your character's class. SP stands for Skill Points, and they can be used to increase a skill's level to make it more powerful. Press the [K] hotkey in-game to view your character's skill window.

Starting from Lv. Additional SP are also given for specific job advancements when leveling up. Cygnus Knights jobs aside from Mihile do not require Mastery Books. Mastery Books can be obtained from various shop NPC and events, and you can gain Mastery Boxes from the following quests and content:. Once you reach Lv. Open the character skill window hotkey [K] and stats window hotkey [S] to check out your new abilities!

They're powerful skills that can be learned starting from Lv. You can learn skill enhancement passives, and powerful attack and active buff skills. You can reset Hyper Skills by pressing the [Reset] button. Cost to reset Hyper Skills will increase the more times you reset, but will not exceed 10, mesos.

Hyper Stats are additional bonuses that can increase your character's stats! Invest the obtained Hyper Stat points to increase your Hyper Stat levels. You can reset the Hyper Stats by pressing the [Reset] button. Hyper Stats can be reset at any time at the cost of 10 million mesos.

Ability refers to hidden abilities in your character. After completing the quest, you can view Ability by clicking on the [Detail] button on the character stat window hotkey [S]. An Ability's stats and values will be based on the rank of the Ability, and can be reset.

Stats that you do not wish to change can be locked, keeping them safe while your other stats are reset. However, the rank needs to be fixed as well in order to lock the stats. If you lock a rank or stats, Honor EXP needed to reset it will increase. Usage effects differ depending on the type of the Circulator. Back to the Maple Guides. Table of Contents What is AP? What are Hyper Stats? Ability Reset What is AP? Press the [S] hotkey in-game to view your character's Stat window.

Obtaining AP 5 AP is given per level each time you level up, and additional AP is given for specific job advancements when leveling up. What is SP? Each skill has a max level, and each SP spent will increase a skill's level by 1. Using SP SP can be used to increase your skill level, so try leveling up the skill of your choice!Personally, I think the Hoyoung class is a lot of fun and worth investing into.

Hoyoung, as of this article, is near the top of the DPM Charts, consider maining one or at least making one that can solo bosses! So, you want to make a Hoyoung? If you want to main a Hoyoung or make one that can do hard Bosses, you are going to have to learn the Combos in order to deal max damage.

Hoyoung is a class that can boss easily without much investment because of its crazy high burst damage. The tough part of the class is managing the Gauge and Combos. This class has a ton of mobility and options when it comes to getting around.

Also, you get to ride a Nimbus Cloud! That alone should be enough for your investment and love.

maplestory hyper stats guide 2020

Hoyoung is a part of the Anima race and shares his Cash Shop only with other Hoyoungs. Beast Tamer does not share a Cash Shop with Hoyoung. Max Level 2 Link Skill. Hoyoung has insane burst damage which makes it a good candidate for Bossing and with that comes a prime line for Boss Damage.

Buff Duration is the next line but might be one the most important since it will affect the skill Scroll: Butterfly Dream. Scroll energy is a little hard to manage so being able to have Butterfly Dream up as long as possible will greatly benefit you since it adds so much to your DPS. Drop Rate is a decent one if you need to settle. This Hoyoung Skill Build is focused on leveling quickly and that you have a solid foundation of links.

The skills you need are:. When it comes to Hyper skills the Active Skills are all great and for passive skills, I chose the ones that would make Bossing the easiest. These are the most important and most used skills so you want to get these to a high level as soon as you can. The next skills can be mixed and matched however you want, as long as you have them. Hoyoung skills have a lot of reach and coverage so test out for yourself what a good rotation is.

Ideally, you want to go to vertical maps where you can set your tiger down on a platform and then cover your own few platforms with Thousand-ton stone or Consuming Flames. The other things to keep in mind when bossing are the actives like Clone, Clone Rampage, and Butterfly Dream. You always want to try and keep these up or in use, while training.She uses Bladecasters as her Primary weapon and Bladebinder as her secondary.

Adele has decent Mobbing and amazing Bossing. So, you want to make an Adele? The best way to do the most DPS and have full map control is to keep your flying swords up and constantly refill your Aether bar. She has great mobbing especially for a warrior class and excels in small and condensed maps. Adele really excels when it comes to bossing but it takes some learning to perfect.

Please note that Story Tutorial is required and not skippable for advancements and for getting your beginner skill, Unlocking Greatnessto max level 10 at character lvl Adele comes with new weapons and they are called Bladecaster and Bladebinder.

Primary and Secondary respectively. When you need to protect someone from powerful opponents, you gain the ability to exert additional strength. Boss Damage and Attack is really important when it comes to Adele since she her skills allow for insane single target damage. Adele only needs 4 slots which means 2 perfect trios. These are your main attacking skills that you will be doing everything with.

The choice between Dispatch and Arms is up to you since they both kind of do the same thing. But, if you want to know which ones to upgrade first, that will depend on your links and legion. If you still need some help, check out my skill build order. This build focuses on simplicity and getting to a point of killing mobs with 1 hit.

This is why I put less importance on Imaple and Resonance Rush. So you can get rid of Eviscerate and Skewering after you obtain Cleave. When it comes to 5th Job, you want to make sure to max out your perfect boost nodes. Since maxing skills for the 5th job are highly dependent on farming nodes, make sure either have a farming character or have drop gear on your Adele. Artistic Recall: Return to Ristonia, the city of art.

Max Level 1. Max Level Any set effects do not apply. Blade of Will: Creates a sword from magic that slashes in front of you. Magic Dispatch: Creates a magical shard that hunts down an enemy. Unaffected by attack reflection. Max Level 20 Max level required to learn Aetherial Arms.

Jaunt: Leap once more while already in the air. Can move upward by pressing the Up key at the same time. Max Level 5. High Rise: Steel your mind to project magic, suspending you in the air for a short time and allowing you to use aerial skills.Tyrant set maplestory. World by Map. Rank B: Level Updated Stats Info Apr. This is an in-depth guide about the Bowmaster job branch.

Wednesday, Feb 5, Soul can be equipped. Comments; Shares. Mastery Book 1: Blast into battle against giant space destroyers in Arcade Mode, tackle endless waves of enemies in Survival Mode and face off against epic level guardians in Boss Run mode.

If you have any questions Maplestory best flame stats Maplestory m hyper stats guide ; Maplestory m hyper stats guide Maplestory m night lord skill build reddit. For optimization for your hyper stats and moremake sure to check out DelusionDash's Calculator Guides.

You can reset your Hyper Skill by opening your Skills menu and selecting the reset button at the bottom of the window. She uses Bladecasters as her Primary weapon and Bladebinder as her secondary.

The best for now is the unique rank helmet from Hard Zakum. Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Codes.

maplestory hyper stats guide 2020

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Pressure from the left. Every 10 levels after LevelHyper Stat Points you get upon level up will be increased. In: 0: Out: Biib earnings reports Monster Life provides good passive buffs and these can only normally be obtained by purchasing with NX. Cyber security employment outlook.

From backpacks to power banks to headphones and everything in between.This is a guide designed for GMS only. However this guide ONLY applies to those playing on the reboot server. Also, things such as Marvel Machine are not available on reboot.

Reboot has trading disabled- therefore making it mainly a grind based server, however in comparison requires little to no real life funds but instead utilises a lot of time instead. Normal servers have a higher damage cap, due to the presence of more systems like bonus potentials and scrolling that provide more damage than just potential. Note that pets are basically required on reboot as you must farm your own mesos.

There are many ways to make mesos in non-reboot mostly centered around farming certain items and taking advantage of events. Monsters in reboot have a higher exp and HP multiplier. Mesos drop at a 6x higher rate in meso. Jett link skill configuration items: — condensed supernova dust, stellar cosmic dust solidifier and cosmic dust shifter.

Safety charms, buff freezers, respawn tokens note that non-reboot has npc that provides sells these on a limited daily basis for meso: 3 per day of each.

Maplestory Reboot Guide 2020

Additional convenience items available in general stores for meso in reboot only:. Powerful Red flames, master craftsman cubes, 30 day pendant slot, additional character slot coupon, equip-use-etc-setup slot coupons. Maple reward points shop has many more items than reboot such as pet food for multiple pets, additional inventory slots, 30 day pendant slot, exp coupons, scissors and hammers. These are limited and only refresh on a monthly basis. RNG p2w: Philosopher books, marvel machine, gachapon which can give equipable items that alter gameplay and give advantages.

Note that reboot has gachapon but only for cosmetic items and inventory bags. Meso market and auction house. The meso market allows you to sell mesos for maple points or buy maple points with meso through an in-game system. What class should I play? Play whatever looks fun to you. Arks are mobile and require very low funding to progress due to innately high damage.

Kannas are a force to be reckoned with now. They do good damage and are the kings of mobbing with multiple summons. Owner of the Kishin skill which boosts spawn rate and max of mobs on maps. Thunder breaker is innately strong with high damage and very mobile with lots of lines. Has a bossing burst damage link skill. Not recommended if you have bad lag, has a recharge mechanic that lag can glitch out. Has good mobility and insane damage. Demon Slayer has amazing mobbing skills that scale with a lot of damage, cover a lot of area and are spammable.Jump on his game.

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maplestory hyper stats guide 2020

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