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Assalam o alaikum!! Mjy koe us novel ka name bta dy plz jis ma hero ka name shayad mubeen hota ha or heroen k name marwa hero larki ko kidnap krta ha or larki kisi tarhan ussa rahai hasil kr lati ha or larky k bap sa takra jati ha jo usy ghr chor k ata ha orr us ki shadi apny baty sa krwa data ha lakin larki or larky ko mai pata hota k wo he ha Ya anchal daigest ma aya tha.

jagirdar based novel

Main ne aik novel parha tha, shua main. Novel ka naam yaad nahin hai. Story kuch yun hai ke Start main larki haveli se apni jaan bacha kar bhagti hai. Uske ghar par kuch log hamla karte hain. Uske parents haveli mein hi marr jaatey hain.

Heroine bhagti hai. Phir usse aik aurat milti hai jo usse apne saath ghar le jati hai. Woh aurat hero ke ghar par kaam karti hai aur unke servant quarter mein rehti hai.

Heroine uske saath rehna shurru karti hai. Phir heroine bhi hero ke ghar par kaam karna shurru kar deti hai. Woh aurat uska introduction apni rishtey daar ke tor par karwati hai.

Heroine ke paas aik hi dress hota hai Frock kaliyon wala jo woh pehney rakhti hai. Aik din woh safai kar rahi hoti hai ke hero aur uske behen bhai kuch discussion kar rahe hote hain. English Literarture se realted. Heroine uss mein bolna shurru karti hai. Toh hero uss se poochta hai ke tumhain kaise pata. Tum to parhi likhi nahin ho. Aur aik martaba hero waghaira ke ghar mein koi function hota hai, End mein heroine hero ki cousin nikal aati hai.

Aik aur baat heroine ko hero ki mother apni beti ke kuch kapre deti hai ke tum ye pehen lena function men lekin woh nahin pehnti. Usse apna purana frock zyada pasand hota hai, Aur woh function mein apna frock pehen kar hi rakhti hai. Plz agar kissi ko novel pata ho toh bata dein. Here you will find all novels which based on feudal system based stories like Adla badla marriage, Wanni Rasam, Quraan se nikah, Karo Kari rasam and qabaily jirga system.

Different writers wrote on that system and we collect them in one post for our readers who like that kind of stories. If you know some more novels like that plz tell us in comments and we will be happy to add them in this list.

Shehar e dil by Umme Maryam. Chand nagar ki shehzadi Part 1 by Sundas Jabeen. Chand nagar ki shehzadi Last Part by Sundas Jabeen. Dil tenu de bethy by Durre Saman.

Chahat ka rang by Qurratul Ain Khurram. Mujhe hay hukam e azan by Umme Maryum. Ishq safar ki dhool by Lubna Jadoon.How to cite: Zhang, H. Preprintsdoi: Zhang, H.

Deep Learning Based Drug Screening for Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCov

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DFCNN identifies potential drugs for nCoV protease by performing drug screening against 4 chemical compound databases. In the end, we provided the list of possible chemical ligands and peptide drugs for experimental validation. Comment 1. Received: 8 February Commenter: Quantao Sun The commenter has declared there is no conflict of interests.

Has this method been proved to have better performance against the molecular dynamic process? Received: 10 February Commenter: Haiping Zhang The commenter has declared there is no conflict of interests. Comment: The deep learning based DFCNN is a data-driven model, which learns protein-ligand interaction from known binding and nonbinder data. It doesn't need protein-ligand conformation, hence save a lot of time. Actually, this kind of method is complementary to the traditional physical-chemical based method, such as docking, MD simulation.The conditional jagir required the governing family to maintain troops and provide their service to the state when asked.

The jagirdar system was introduced by the Delhi Sultanate[2] and continued during the Mughal Empire[6] but with a difference. In the Mughal times, the jagirdar collected taxes which paid his salary and the rest to the Mughal treasury, while the administration and military authority was given to a separate Mughal appointee.

The word 'jagir' connoted originally grants made by Rajput Rulers to their clansmen for military services rendered or to be rendered.

Later on grants made for religious and charitable purposes and even to non-Rajputs were called jagirs, and both in its popular sense and legislative practice, the word jagir came to be used as connoting all grants which conferred on the grantees rights in respect of land revenue, and that is the sense in which the word jagir should be construed in Article A.

A jagir was technically a feudal life estateas the grant reverted to the state upon the jagirdar's death. However, in practice, jagirs became hereditary to the male lineal heir of the jagirdar.

The jagirdar did not act alone, but appointed administrative layers for revenue collection. These positions, according to Shakti Kak, were called patwaritahsildaramilfotedarmunsifqanungochaudhridewanrao and others. This feudal system of land ownership is referred to as the jagirdar system.

The system was introduced by the Sultans of Delhi from the 13th century onwards, was later adopted by the Mughal Empireand continued under the British East India Company.

Some Hindu jagirdars were converted into Muslim vassal states under Mughal imperial sway, such as the nawwabs of Kurnool. Most princely states of India during the colonial British Raj era were jagirdars such as Mohrampur Jagir. Shortly following independence from the British Crown inthe jagirdar system was abolished by the Indian government in The jagir grants were of several kinds and were known by different names, including jagiran area of neighboring towns or villages with an administrative paigahagraharumlimukasainamand maktha.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Jagirdar. For the film, see Jagir film. For the film, see Jagirdar film. Lahore: Government Civil Secretariat Press. A History of Modern India, Anthem Press.

Asher; Cynthia Talbot India Before Europe. Cambridge University Press. Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Richards The Mughal Empire. Commissioner's Office History of Alienations in the Province of Sind.

Karachi: Commissioner's Press. Waltraud Ernst; Biswamoy Pati eds. Merriam-Webster's collegiate encyclopedia. Gujarat, Part 3. Popular Prakashan. Hidden categories: Articles containing Persian-language text Articles containing Bengali-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February Use dmy dates from April Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Zindagi khaak na thi by umme maryam Kabhi ishq ho to pta chlae by shazia mustfa Talooh e sehar h sham e mohabt by Nayab jelani. Chirag jalta raha by Asifa ambreen Eid subh e umeed by Shaheen sajjad Kali chooriyan by Nayab jelani.

Hello, plz aise novels suggest kre jn me heroine laparwa ho or shararti ho n hero ko uski yhi bat attract kre. Tum meri ho by Farhat chaudhary Andaz e moahbbat by Warda batool Band muthi mn jugno rkhna by Iqra sagheer.

Kidnapping Based Romantic Urdu Novels List

Mar jawan muk jawan by nabila abrar rja Chahat yaqeen apna pan by saima qureshi Dhanak k rang by effat sehar tahir. Kaisy kahon apny jiya ki by Umme maryam. Mujhe kuch iss tara ka novels ka name bata den jis me hero heroine ko torture karta ho or wo bekasor ho. Pichly page no.

jagirdar based novel

Ap google pe "famous urdu novel request page no. Issi koi b req page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ya 8 ap likeen tou wo b a jaen gy Mujhe ik novel charitable jis main heroine ka name kainat joys ha us ke peache usma name ka larks hota ha us ke father ki death ho jati ha bad main wo apne father ke frnd ke sath a jati ha Un ka beta ko hero ha wo guse wala hata ha bohat darti hoti ha hero ko pistol by lag to ha us ki maa pas and ki shade ke khilaf hoti ha and ending happy ha.

Zindagi dhoop tm ghana saya by Marriam aziz. Zara mhe downloading me problem hti ha when I go for mediafire. Link it keep continue downloading even goes above stated MB and if go to depositfile the downloading get fail aftr retryng 2 times it comes invalid description. Saya or saibaan by Nayab jelani. Thank u aisr hi aur b novels post karein jis main hero herpien k darmyan koi aur ajaye sabak amoz stories.

I want a story in which heroien name was khola and heros name was hasaan. Plz post complete story of sanu lag gayi be ikhtyari. Der lagi aney me lekin by Asia Razaqi.

Assalam alikum aap ne ab tk hmari request puri nhi ki. Kuch aisay novels ka name bata dey jis mai hero ki dosray shadi hoye hotay hai Mohabbat hum ny ki h by Shazia rafique Mohabbat ka asar hoga by shaheen sajjad. Mujhay woh novels chahiye jo long hon means book type hon poori,kuch names bata dein plz. Pathron ki palkon pr by Nazia kanwal nazi Shehr e chara garan by Sadia amal kashif Zindagi khaak na thi by Umme maraym. Assalamoalaikum, Tere pyar ki khushboo by qamrosh ashok ki episode 10 k baad ki episodes kb tk post hon g?For the hack novelist, to whom speedy output is more important than art, thought, and originality, history provides ready-made plots and characters.

A novel on Alexander the Great or Joan of Arc can be as flimsy and superficial as any schoolgirl romance. There is a kind of historical novellittle more than a charadewhich frequently has a popular appeal because of a common belief that the past is richer, bloodier, and more erotic than the present. On the other hand, the American novelist John Barth showed in The Sot-Weed Factor that mock historical scholarship—preposterous events served up with parodic pomposity—could constitute a viable, and not necessarily farcical, approach to the past.

It is in the technical conservatism of most European historical novels that the serious student of fiction finds cause to relegate the category to a secondary place. Few practitioners of the form seem prepared to learn from any writer later than Scott, though Virginia Woolf —in Orlando and Between the Acts —made bold attempts to squeeze vast tracts of historical time into a small space and thus make them as fictionally manageable as the events of a single day.

But the term has come to connote as much the episodic nature of the original species as the dynamic of roguery. The requirements for a picaresque novel are apparently length, loosely linked episodes almost complete in themselves, intrigue, fights, amorous adventure, and such optional items as stories within the main narrative, songs, poems, or moral homilies.

Perhaps inevitably, with such a structure or lack of it, the driving force must come from a wild or roguish rejection of the settled bourgeois life, a desire for the open road, with adventures in inn bedrooms and meetings with questionable wanderers.

The vogue of the sentimental love novel was one of the features of the Romantic movementand the form maintained a certain moving dignity despite a tendency to excessive emotional posturing. The debasement by which the term sentimental came to denote a self-indulgence in superficial emotions occurred in the Victorian eraunder the influence of sanctimony, religiosity, and a large commercial demand for bourgeois fiction. Sentimental novels of the 19th and 20th centuries are characterized by an invertebrate emotionalism and a deliberately lachrymal appeal.

Neither Dickens nor Thackeray was immune to the temptations of sentimentality—as is instanced by their treatment of deathbed scenes. Despite such patches of emotional excess, Dickens cannot really be termed a sentimental novelist. Such a designation must be reserved for writers like Mrs. Henry Woodthe author of East Lynne That the sentimental novel is capable of appeal even in the Atomic Age is shown by the success of Love Storyby Erich Segal.

That this is the work of a Yale professor of classics seems to indicate either that not even intellectuals disdain sentimental appeal or that tearjerking is a process to be indulged in coldly and even cynically.

Stock emotions are always easily aroused through stock devices, but both the aim and the technique are generally eschewed by serious writers. The atmosphere of a Gothic novel was expected to be dark, tempestuous, ghostly, full of madness, outrage, superstition, and the spirit of revenge.

Edgar Allan Poe developed the Gothic style brilliantly in the United States, and he has been a considerable influence. A good deal of early science fictionlike H. It is noteworthy that Gothic fiction has always been approached in a spirit of deliberate suspension of the normal canons of taste.

Like a circus trick, a piece of Gothic fiction asks to be considered as ingenious entertainment; the pity and terror are not aspects of a cathartic process but transient emotions to be, somewhat perversely, enjoyed for their own sake.

jagirdar based novel

More primitive fiction had been characterized by a proliferation of action and incidental characters; the psychological novel limited itself to a few characters whose motives for action could be examined and analyzed. In England, the psychological novel did not appear until the Victorian era, when George Eliot became its first great exponent. The theories of Sigmund Freud are credited as the source of the psychoanalytical novel. Two 20th-century novelists of great psychological insight—Joyce and Nabokov—professed a disdain for Freud.

To write a novel with close attention to the Freudian or Jungian techniques of analysis does not necessarily produce new prodigies of psychological revelation; Oedipus and Electra complexes have become commonplaces of superficial novels and films. The great disclosures about human motivation have been achieved more by the intuition and introspection of novelists and dramatists than by the more systematic work of the clinicians.

Article Media.Mujhy aik novel ka name bata de plz. Jis mai heroine ki mother nahi hoti baqi ghar waly ws sey buhat muhabbbat karty hai like chahi etc. Un k ghar mai aik aurat barso sey kaam karti hai jisy wo log bohat izzat dety hai aur ws k baity ki education etc ma b help karty hai like wo bilkul in k ghar ka fard jesa hota hai. Heroine isi larky ko chahti hai. Lekin heroine k father larky ko majbor karte hai k wo in ki bethi ko hud sey dur kardy q k larka hota to ghareeb hai.

Larka heroine ko hud sey bad dil kar deta hai heroine buhat hurt hoti hai aur ws ka father aik dosre larky sy ws ki shaadi kar leta hai. Is larky ka heroine ne collage k zamany mei buhat mazak oraya hota hai. Jub wo honeymoon per abroad jaate hai tho un ka plan crash hojata hai aur heroine mar jati hai aur ws ka husband bach jaata.

Is ka dosra episode nahi parh mainy wosi mai story complete hoti plz reply fast. Taqdeer hay hamsafar novel by Muqadas Mashal. Muje ek kahani ka nam jana he jis me hero ka nam dilawar sha huta he aur heroin ka nam abgine dilawar sha abgine se intikaman shadi karta he.

Mujy aik novel K naam bta daen Jis main heroine K sister K death ho jate hy tu us K marriage Apna behnoi se hote hy behnoi K aik beta bhi hy heroine K naam zuneira tha.

Mujhy 1 story ka pta krna hy mujhy digest ka naam nai yaad lkn characters k naam yaad hyn larki ka naam arbeeha hy r larky ka fazal shah.

Larky ka chota bhai qatal ho jata hy r wo apnt bhai k dost ko qatil samjh kar uski behn sy shadi kr leta hy. Mjhy aek novel ka nam bta dy jis mei hero apni cozn jis k sth wo engage hota hai usy hostel lainy jata hai per waha uski cozn ki frnd hero ka mzak urati hai or phr hero usi e lrki sy shadi krta hai or apni cozn k sth bhe shadi krta hai. Mujhe ek novel ka naam bta den heroine teacher hoti hai hero ka naam tabish hota hai heroine hero ki bhatiji ko tiotion dene aati hai.

Mujhy ik novel ka nam puchna hy teen bhny hoti hy un ka abou un ky sath acha ni hota ak ghr sy bhag jati hy hero ka nam rehan hy plz is novel ka nam bata deyn.

I need a novel story kuch yaad nae. Plz let me know Mujhe ek kahani chahiye writer name nhai pata story kuch yun hai k A Mjhe ak novel nam bta dn mne end nh parha h uska.

Hero or heroin czn hty hain. Heroin ka nam shyd hani hta h wo hero ko thapar marti h phr uski shadi hero se hjti h lakn hero us se thapar ka badla lny k lie shadi krta h phr usy dosry city ly jata h or waha ghar me lock kr deta h lakn ghar waln ko ye pta chal jata hai. Puarana novel h. Mujhe ek novel ka naam bta de jis me heroine ka naam Kashish hota he aur hero ka naam Yalmaz hota he wo heroin ke dost ka bhai hota he aur heroin se zabardaste nikha kar leta he.

Mujhe noval ka naam bata da jis ma lari ko har koi taif ki bati kata ha or wo uni jati ha to wahan bhi us ki fight ho jati ha uni us ka uncle ki hoti ha bas itna pata ha. Ek novel parha tha kafi saal pehlay pata nai konsa digest tha.

Us main larki ko pehle dikhaya jata hai ke wo shayad thori pagal hoti hai. Ek doctor uska ilaaj karne ata hai jo aesi machine banata hai jis se uske thoughts us doctor ko nazar ae. Wo us ko laga ke dekhta hai to usko lagta hai ke is larki ke sath bohat bura hua hai but bad main pata chalta hai wo larki us doctor ko khud aese dikha rahi thi aur asal main wo larki bohat chalak hai.

Iska naam kisiko pata to please bataden. Ye mera bohat favorite novel hai. Aoa i want to know a novel name jis main hero shadid khilaf hota hai larkiun k bghair mahram k ghar say bahar janay k.

Mujhy aik novel ka pata krna tha,name yad nae ,but story aik larki ki hy ho boht Naik n parsa hoti hy uski shadi jis larky still hoti hy wo phely sy shadi shuda hoty,wo larka boht like krta hy is larki ko lekin isko wo bilkul acha nae lgta,larka dill ka boht acha hota hy.

Mujhey uss novel ka naam chahiye jis main hero heroine ko like krta hai or uske saamney taxi driver honay ka drama krta hai heroine ke fthr bemaar hotay hain or eventually uski shadi ussi driver se kr ke mr jatey hain or end main yeh pata chlta hai k taxi driver ek bohut bari multinational cmpany ka malik hota hai. Us novel ka naam jis ne heroine hero ko collge me thpr marti hy or phir hero us ko kinab krta hy or phir wo pregnancy ki waja se us se hi shadi kr leti hy heroin ka name momal hota hy or hero bht rich famly se belong krta hy or us shadi ki waja se ghar wally hero sa taluq khtam kr dety hy pls ye kafi poirana novel hy.

Hum ko teri nazar me rehna h by maryam aziz Chalo chahat nibhain by subas gul. AOA main na ek noval kafi saal phely kisi dijest ma para tha us ka naam or writer ka naam b yaad nahi sirf ak hi part parah tha story kuch yun thi k heroine kisi dosary sher ma bank ma job karti ha aur us ki hero sa whi kuch larahi ho jati ha or heroine ko bot zyida tang karta jis ki waja sa wo job chor dati ha heroine ka baap ka ghar marawaya api biwi or bacho k saat acha ni hota jis ki waja sa wo mardo sa nafrat karti ha pher hero us sa badla lany k liye usy badnam karwata ha or us ka naam us ki gali ma diwaro par likwata ha but heroine ki sister ko us ka husband divorce de deta ha to bad ma us ka baap us ki saadi sister k huband se karwany laga hota ha to naaka k waqat larka a jata ha or kehta ha main is se saadi karo ga.Mujhe ek novel ke bare mein poochna tha.

Iss mein hero ke step mother bhi hoti hai. Ye story shuaa digest year mein aayi thi. Here is ur requested novel link Aao pukarte hen by Iqra Sagheer Ahmed.

Ishaq e aatish by Sadia Rajpoot. Dosheeza Digest January Aoa Plz do give a media fire link as deposit file is not available for us. WE are giving 3 links in each post and the third link is of mediafire link. Effat sehr ka novel js main hero hasin hai or heroin yad nhi upload kr dain.

Rida Digest January Ajab hen silsile wafa ke by Fozia Ghazal. Muja ek novel chaya hero ka nam salman hota hai aur heroin ka nam yad nahi hero ka parents ki death ho gai hoti hai aur wo apni phopho ya mami ka sath rehta hota hai heroin iski cozn hoti hai aur hero usa passan kerta hota hai per heroin samajti hai ka hero na usa uski maa ka pyar la lia hai is lia wo usa passand nahi kerti aur hero ka he kisi cozn sa mangni ker lati hai per bad main usa ehaan hota hai aur sab teek ho jata hai happy endind hai Plz tell me the name and writter name of this story.

Akhir tum ne hum ko jeet lia by Saba Adeel. Abhi rida digest nahi aya market mein hamary pas. Aik aur novel hey jis mein larki ka naam rushna hey shayad aur main role ka naam aazar hey rushna k grand father ki death hojati hy shayad father ki aur phir aazar k dada usy sath le aaty hn phir Tere bina Complete nai ho saka tha writer ki death ki wajah se Aoa, khawateen digest main jo episodic novel chal raha hai "Mah e tamam" uskay ab tk ki episodes ek hi profile main ker k upload kerdayn.

Abhi novel complete nahi hua. Abhi digest hamary pas market main available nahi hai. Aoa mughy b first wala novel chaye yeh novel khwateen digest September aya tha or is digest may farhat ishtaiq ka novel khushbo badal chand hawa aya tha or yeh novel is site par available hay but yeh novel nahi hay.

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