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A single integration to APEXX gives you the flexibility to build your perfect global payments system. We negotiate rates with acquirers and PSPs on your behalf to achieve the best heavy beat ringtone on every product. We are also a connection hub for additional services for your payments world including AI-driven fraud management, reconciliation tools, direct currency conversion, multi-currency pricing and local payout products.

APEXX consolidates global payment providers into a single integration point, optimising the cost of complex payment ecosystems. Expand into new markets quickly and start accepting secure online payments from the moment you integrate. In a rapidly evolving payments landscape it is essential that your solution is capable of keeping pace with the changing environment.

The APEXX Gateway is specifically designed to be a one stop shop for the full stack of your payments acceptance requirements including settlement reconciliation, fraud reporting, and dispute management.

These advanced capabilities are presented as a single API reducing the strain of managing multiple integrations and relationships across your payments suite. One size does not fit all. Our complete end-to-end payments solution is modular in design and is able to enhance or completely replace legacy systems at any point in the payments value chain without partner prejudice or preferential treatment for unsuitable providers. APEXX will always provide you with the most suitable solution for business in your part of the world.

Conversion, local acceptance, and the right payment methods are key to any business. APEXX optimises your payments flow by routing transactions based on key criteria to any number of acquirers in order to improve sales and reduce costs. Our dynamic routing engine is a switch solution that allows the intelligent routing of transactional traffic to the most beneficial provider. Effective fraud prevention requires a tool of precision, not a blunt object approach. The APEXX Gateway has in build fraud capabilities that allow merchants to build a tailored fraud suite guided by their own risk appetite as this will vary from industry to industry.

The APEXX fraud package contains tools to inspect transactions, predict fraud, and tag or block transactions with pinpoint accuracy. Inspectors - add valuable metadata to your transactions via third-party inspection services to improve the accuracy of predictions and the power of rulesets. Importers - import historical transaction and fraud data generated elsewhere, to identify fraud accurately from the moment of deployment.

global gateway

Predictions - leverage advanced machine learning technology to predict in advance the likelihood that a given transaction will turn out to be fraudulent, empowering you to tag or block it if desired.

Rulesets - compose logical filters in plain language, using easy-to-understand combinations of rules to specify exactly which types of transactions you wish to tag or block.Global Gateways is an ISO certified company.

global gateway

Visa facility and services are a kind of services provided to the clients to apply for various visas like Tourist visa, PR visa, Permanent residence visa, work visa, family visa, dependent visa, child visa and refusal visa. Australia should welcome more migrants and will need more thana year by to raise living standards and boost the economy, according to a new analysis report. We love to transform the life of our Indians; because we believe our Indians are the best and most competent people.

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Canada Offers Express entry visa program, which enable the aspirant to access the entire Job market in Canada. Applications are received under the program right now. The application will be sent to a pool of job requirements and employers will select the right candidate.

Canada express entry visa program offers Permanent residence visa to the work visa holder. One of the reasons these advanced countries take our skilled Indians is, because in these countries, old population is more and the younger generation is very minute.

For their survival and to do their day to day jobs efficiently, our smart Indians who are already good at English are very much essential and valuable for them. In one line to strongly say, if you want to transform your life by working abroad, if you are eligible according to the high commission rules, we will assist you with the genuine work visas, otherwise we will assist you to study abroad and then settle there.

REFUSAL VISAS: For advanced countries, since the rejection rate of visas is very high, many clients they process their visas themselves or with people with limited knowledge and visit our offices across India with Refusal notice and take our services.

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global gateway

We are experts for any type of Visas to any country since Handhold the reliable consultant to fulfill your work abroad dream. Quick Enquiry. Global Gateways Acheivements.

Global Gateway Awards. Won -ISO - Certification. An ISO certified company. About Global Gateways. Work in Hong Kong. Work in Germany. Work in USA.Are you a self-starter? Do you enjoy tackling problems, working through possible scenarios and delivering solutions? Are you passionate about helping clients of all types drive positive societal change? We are always looking to connect with people to join our growing team.

To apply to the positions below, please send both your cover letter and resume to careers gga. Seeking an internship that provides real-world, hands-on experience every day? Then join our team. Interns are invited to collaborate with team members at all levels. We consider our interns our colleagues.

Our goal is to provide our interns with a sense of ownership, accomplishment and pride in the work they do. We offer the opportunity to support our clients on their day-to-day communications programs, participate in brainstorms, take part in professional development and learn how a communications consultancy works.

We are a dynamic team of communicators focused on helping companies, nonprofits, organizations and governments to establish, grow, enhance and protect their reputation through dialogue and influencer engagement.

We specialize in corporate public affairs, health, technology, finance and social impact. We look forward to learning more about you and discussing a potential internship at our firm! Real world experience in communications. Ownership over an intern project, including an end of program presentation to the full team. Opportunity to work with leading companies across tech, healthcare, finance and social impact. Global Gateway Advisors is seeking an energetic individual with exceptional initiative, a collaborative mindset and a strong work ethic to join our firm as an Account Executive.

Account Executives are the cornerstone of our client service teams. They keep the teams on task for deliverables, write content, coordinate events, liaise with media, manage social media and monitoring. Our Account Executives are well-organized, skilled multi-taskers and resourceful problem-solvers. A reputation challenge we can help you navigate?

Contact us at info gga. Contact Us. Join Us Are you a self-starter?As a maverick in an industry of old guards, Global Gateway Logistics believes in the creative persistence of deep analysis, learned experience and exceptional customer service. No matter the obstacle, operational challenge or budgetary constraint, we work tirelessly to support your supply chain and logistical needs.

Global Gateway Logistics is proud to analyze your real-time operation, finding the best solution for today — and remain intent on discovering better ones for tomorrow. We know relationships matter — especially to your end consumers.

When it comes to logistical success, we prove to be your best asset. Gateways give people access to new opportunities.

Social responsibility is a top priority for us. As a member of the global economy, making the world a better place is not optional. We respect your privacy. Global Gateway Logistics is committed to best practice privacy protection and we will do our best to protect your personal information if you share it with us. We collect personal information on our website to enable us to provide you with our services, details of which are contained on our website.

Global Gateway Logistics does not sell or share your personal information. Home Services Logistics Mission Connect. Connect Direct. Tour A Service. Learn More. Our Solutions. First Name. Last Name. Email Address. Sign Up. What Are You Looking For?The Global Gateway Virtual Terminal is an online payment application that allows you to accept credit cards and other payment types using your PC. The Virtual Terminal also acts as your Global Gateway account management application and allows you to view gateway processing reports, edit fraud settings, manage users, and more.

Non-required fields should not contain sensitive data such as credit cards or driver's license numbers. All responses containing sensitive data will be blocked and not forwarded to the intended recipient. First Data will never send you an e-mail asking you to click a link to log in to your account. Never click on links in e-mail messages that ask for your personal or account information. Load Audio.


Enter the code as shown above. Forgot Password. Use the administration section to access the hierarchy reports area. This area is only available to accounts setup for hierarchy reports. The hierarchy reports are used to view reports for more than one store through one report interface. This feature is not used by single merchant accounts. Account Login Please log in. Store Number. User ID. Administrator Login Use the administration section to access the hierarchy reports area.

Administrator Login. Global Gateway Virtual Terminal. CopyrightFirst Data Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Global Gateway for Teachers

First Data Privacy Site Map First Data will never send you an e-mail asking you to click a link to log in to your account. Application should only be accessed by authorized users. Failure to comply may result in termination of service.The Honors College provides motivated undergraduate students in all majors an enriched academic environment, along with professional development and public service opportunities.

She worked there for three weeks as part of her master of public health practicum. Kevin Mallinson are pictured in an award presentation for student scholarships to Swaziland. This program focusing on the justice system prepares students for careers in law enforcement, corrections, homeland security, and a range of justice, social service, and human services fields. It also provides a strong background for law school or graduate study in criminal justice or criminology.

Are You Looking For Transform Through Working Abroad Opportunities?

The Concentration in Homeland Security and Justice focuses on such areas as intelligence analysis, counterintelligence, surveillance and privacy, and the politics of terrorism. Learn More. This program offers a graduate certificate for 15 credits for teachers interested in transitioning to an IB world school or current IB teachers looking to advance their careers and deepen their understanding of the curriculum.

The course work focuses on the theory, pedagogy, and research for the International Baccalaureate programs. Students may focus on cultural anthropology and bioarchaeology. Students learn how to use fieldwork methods appropriate for their plans and goals and gain a better understanding of the ethics of conducting research. The graduate certificate in applied conservation science provides students with hands-on education in conservation science.

The courses in this program are all residential, full-day, one- or two-week intensive courses held at the Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation in Front Royal, Virginia. This certificate is designed for early to mid-career conservation professionals working in government, non-governmental organizations, and research institutions worldwide. Students learn how to effectively address global conservation challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and ecosystem collapse.

Welcome to Dubai 2017

These challenges are complex and necessitate an interdisciplinary approach, drawing upon fields such as biology, policy, law, anthropology, sociology, conflict resolution, environmental justice, economics and communication.

Students learn to apply their knowledge and effect real-world change. With access the Smithsonian-Mason Semester and international conservation organizations in the Washington, DC area, our graduates are well positioned to compete in a diverse conservation job market or enter graduate school. The minor in Arabic has an emphasis on developing strong language skills: oral communication and the reading of texts. Students are also introduced to important works of Arabic literature and culture.

A minor in Arabic can easily and effectively be combined with majors in other disciplines. It is especially valuable in combination with global affairs, international relations, security, journalism, philosophy, and religion.

A minor in Asia-Pacific and Northeast Asian studies will give students a better understanding of an important region of the world, broaden their perspective, and provide an edge in seeking jobs in various government agencies, international organizations, private businesses, law firms, and non-profit organizations that deal with Asia.

It prepares students for graduate studies in the humanities or social sciences. This minor complements many majors including history, anthropology, communication, economics, and government and politics. The undergraduate program in atmospheric sciences gives students a strong quantitative undergraduate education in atmospheric, climate, and related sciences to understand the basic principles behind current and emerging issues in weather, climate variability, and climate change.

global gateway

Students completing the atmospheric sciences degree will be prepared for a full range of career paths including forecast and analysis, operations and research support in meteorology, atmospheric sciences, and climate. Topics include weather forecasting, climate change, and the predictability of coupled ocean-atmosphere-land-variations. Students in physics, math, engineering, and computational sciences may be attracted to this program as a minor, because it provides a compelling application of the fundamental methods of analysis learned in their major.

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Such students are ideal candidates for research in atmospheric science and climate dynamics; the minor will facilitate entry into graduate studies in these fields. The certificate in biodefense provides an interdisciplinary introduction to manmade and natural biological threats, including providing a background in the science and technology of biodefense and the specialized areas of threat assessment, non-proliferation, and medical and public health preparedness.

The graduate certificate in science, technology, and security may be pursued on a part-time or full-time basis.The Ohio State University. The deadline to submit applications will be February 28, All graduate students conducting such research abroad internationally this summer are encouraged to apply. We are looking to fund applicants from a variety of Ohio State's departments who are going to a variety of countries, especially those in which Ohio State currently has a Global Gateway Office India, China, and Brazil.

Best of luck to applicants! Please review the guidelines carefully before submitting your application. If you have questions about submitting your application contact light. Awardees must disclose information about sources of funding as they receive notice of these other awards. Ohio State's supplemental travel insurance is provided through GeoBlue.

This supplemental insurance is required for all Ohio State students researching abroad, and includes a policy covering medical, medical evacuation, repatriation and political emergency and natural disaster evacuation. Council of Graduate Students Menu.

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