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Elta Group brands lead the way in all areas of fan technology. Our group-wide expertise and capabilities in fan engineering enable us to offer a comprehensive range of ventilation fans designed for moving air in every environment, from residential and commercial to industrial and safety situations. With duct sizes ranging from mm up to 2,mm, our core axial fan products are suitable for multiple applications, such as high-temperature, smoke extract and car park installations.

They also achieve the requirements for specialist OEM scenarios and high-integrity custom builds, and are designed to meet all legislation in every market in which they are used. Our comprehensive range of residential fan products include simple single-room intermittent fans for bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms, through to whole-house solutions such as central mechanical extract ventilation MEV and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery MVHR.

All of our residential products are supplied with the ducting and accessories required for installation.

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Popular products from a number of our brands, including Elta Select and Fantech Trade, are available from stock for quick delivery to distributors and contractor networks. Back to product product Fans. Fans Elta Group brands lead the way in all areas of fan technology. Brands that offer these products. View our products.The Quasar fan is modern ventilation on a whole new level, featuring Apex Air Science.

Over two years of product development and countless prototypes has spawned a new breed in domestic fan performance.

elta fans asia

The Quasar can be easily installed in either a wall or ceiling. Suitable to extract air directly outside or through a short length ducting. High quality long lasting casing absorbs impact and vibrations to reduce noise. The Quasar is suitable for continuous and intermittent running.

Angled guide vanes to improve efficiency and reduce noise. Fan housing made from high quality technopolymer which is shock proof and long lasting. Includes a backdraft shutter that prevents outside air entering building when fan is switched off.

Built in spigot support to prevent distortion with strengthened guard to maximise airflow. Due to use in damp areas, the motor is class II insulated with an ingress protection rating of IP High quality ball bearing motor for fan life of more than 30, hours. The Quasar Series uses a highly efficient impeller providing enhanced aerodynamic properties, low noise levels and increased efficiency.Established over 40 years ago on principles of high service and product quality, futurefocused innovation, strong relationships, competitive pricing and the value of people, Elta Fans was one of the original members of Elta Group.

Today, it is an internationally renowned leader in air movement technologies; an expert in axial flow fans and impellers, and a pioneer behind world firsts, such as the adjustable-pitch mixed-flow impeller. Elta Fans is run with drive and determination — a family enterprise with an international reputation for reliability and innovation. Established in to produce fans for high-temperature applications, it now enjoys an unrivalled profile throughout the ventilation industry.

The retirement of its founders in led to its joining the formative Elta Group, as part of which it has continued to grow worldwide, driving the industry onward with new technologies and challenging thinking in air movement. West Midlands based Elta Group Ltd has seen significant growth and development since its beginning in Brands Elta Fans. Back to Brands Brands Elta Fans.

Latest News. See more news. Product Innovation. See more products.A core product range of our business for over 40 years, today our capabilities and reputation in axial fan manufacturing are renowned in the industry.

Ranging from a standard unit to ventilate a factory building, to major applications including electrical sub-stations, drying processes and refrigeration, we are able to provide products for a wide array of applications. Manufactured to meet the requirements of the ATEX Directive, IEC standards and EN, our comprehensive range of axial fans for hazardous applications carry the proper equipment marking for the region and zone they are designed to operate in. Additionally, our manufacturing capabilities allow us to meet specific overseas hazardous classifications with a variety of flexible component options.

The proven reliability, performance and flexible construction options have allowed our Axial Plate fans to become the preferred choice for a broad range of standard and specialist applications. Each plate is manufactured from mild steel, features the latest in impeller technology, and for a complete package solution, also has a dedicated range of ancillaries and controllers.

Elta Fans are able to offer cost effective belt drive fans, for when it is essential that the motor be outside the airstream.

Products can be designed for safe or hazardous area applications. Fan casings are constructed to meet the most arduous conditions and, as standard, are manufactured from mild steel and then hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO Manufactured to the highest quality from mild steel and hot-dip galvanised to BS EN ISOthe range is available for standard and high-temperature applications.

Our bifurcated range delivers a wide selection of air performances, including higher-pressure models. Plate Fans The proven reliability, performance and flexible construction options have allowed our Axial Plate fans to become the preferred choice for a broad range of standard and specialist applications. Belt Drive Fans Elta Fans are able to offer cost effective belt drive fans, for when it is essential that the motor be outside the airstream. Contact Our Experts.Our team live and breathe ventilation.

We support our customers with the best advice and residential products. Whether you need a fan for the home, or an extra large warehouse, we can help. Our product range is only available through our exclusive network of distributors. Elta Trade are the residential arm of Elta Fans Asia. For more than 40 years, Elta Fans Asia has been at the forefront of awe-inspiring design and engineering in ventilation.

This passion for providing cutting edge, powerful solutions can be seen in everything we do. Behind our products are the highest industry standards and market leading warranties. Nothing leaves our factories without upholding our globally renowned standards, we never compromise our reputation. We want our customers to remember us for our expertise, passion and knowledge in air movement.

Across all of our people, in all of our businesses, on all continents on which we operate, Elta Group has one purpose: To enhance life through air. For 20 years we have been a proudly independent, family-owned group, but our foundations were laid over 45 years ago.

Our foundations were built on an entrepreneurial spirit and a clear vision of meeting market needs and improving air quality.

elta fans asia

These have seen us become a leader in high-integrity solutions that move, filter, treat and distribute air, from agriculture to building services to applied technology. About the ventilation specialists Elta Trade. For all your stylish, high quality and energy efficient needs for your home. When you need power matched with long lasting solutions, we can help.

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Create a safe and comfortable work space for customers and employees alike.Operating in a wide range market sectors such as agriculture, industrial processing, marine, mining, oil and gas, public utilities and road tunnels, we aim to be your preferred partner for technologically advanced and bespoke air movement solutions. We provide custom designed fans for precise market applications that have a priority in being safe, reliable, long lasting and technologically advanced. Our range of solutions includes, but are not limited to, axial fans, centrifugal fans and fans for use in hazardous areas.

We are a part of the Elta Group, a global leader in air movement and ventilation. Euramco Portable Ventilators Confined spaces may expose employees to flammable gases, airborne combustible dust, low levels of oxygen and other highly dangerous atmospheric conditions.

Our range of Euramco portable ventilators are the only products on the market recognised by all major [ Flameproof Elta Applied Technology Flameproof fans are specifically designed to operate in hazardous or explosive environments.

The two fans in the range ensure there is an adequate ventilation solution, whether that may be a roof, wall or a ducted installation. Yes, [ Flameproof Square Plate Series Flameproof Square Plate Series The Flameproof Square Plate axial fan has been specifically designed to meet the needs of ventilation applications in hazardous or explosive environments.

It is ideal for wall mounting but can be mounted at any angle and on the ceiling if required. Four Models Available These units are suitable [ Flameproof Miniduct Series Flameproof Miniduct Series Flameproof Miniduct fans have been specifically designed for duct mounting and to ventilate hazardous or explosive environments.

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There are 4 sizes in the range extending from to mm diameter. Four Models Available There are 4 sizes in the range extending from to mm diameter. These fans are [ Stirring Fan Stirring Fan The high quality Stirring Fan comes fully assembled, ready to hang and plug into a standard V power supply. These robust units have been specifically designed to achieve a long, wide air throw in most environments and applications.

They are engineered to efficiently create a wall of air across door openings. Its [ It comes with heavy duty mechanical backdraft shutters to prevent weather ingress when the fan is switched off.

Different Sizes The HV range is available in three sizes; mm, [ Elta Fans Applied Technology can provide cooling fans to suit permanent or more portable applications. This may include warehouses, agricultural applications, factories, workshops, gymnasiums, furnaces, public recreation facilities and more.

JetVent Air Mover JetVent Air Mover Designed to provide air movement in large enclosed areas such as warehouses, factories, workshops, furnaces and recreation facilities. Suspended from the ceiling, it aids the natural cooling process of the human body at floor level and creates a fresher and more comfortable environment.

Improved productivity JetVent Air mover eliminates [ Misting Kits Misting Kits Combined with an air circulating fan, a misting kit provides rapid cooling to work areas and outdoor recreation facilities.

Misting kits produce an ultra-fine mist that provides cooling through evaporation. This helps reduce fatigue in the work place and improves productivity on a hot day.

They are designed to easily fit [ Durable and compliant These fans are robust, durable and come [ This [For over 20 years, Elta Group has been an international leader in fans, air movement, filtration and distribution — all with the aim of enhancing the lives of people, animals, buildings and equipment. Our expertise, however, goes back far beyond this, to an entrepreneurial vision established over 45 years ago.

Today, throughout our group, in all of our markets on four continents, we continue to lead the way in air movement and ventilation, with a united vision, strong values, a focus on the future and a relentless drive to enhance life through air. Designed to move, filter and distribute air in residential, non-residential and commercial constructions, the technologies delivered by our businesses enhance the lives of buildings and the people within them.

With products such as fans, air handling and heat recovery units, as well as acoustic and hygiene equipment, our people offer custom-designed solutions that improve indoor air quality and comfort, for sectors including healthcare, retail, public, leisure, housing and heavy industry.

Within our group, there exists specialist expertise in OEM market sectors. This gives us the ability to fulfil demanding requirements for both standard and bespoke products, to exacting specifications.

Across marine, power generation, offshore oil and gas, transport, defence and refrigeration applications, our businesses can offer fully compliant, high-integrity solutions designed and manufactured to both international and local standards. One of the oldest businesses within our group, Hydor, started out as an agriculture specialist. Together, our collective heritage, knowledge and understanding of the agriculture market enables us to enhance the lives of animals, plants and people working in this sector, with products including ventilation, lighting, feeding and dosing technologies, designed to boost health and productivity alike.

We are an international group, with a recognised international presence in the air movement, filtration and ventilation industry. We are committed to growing this presence, developing our markets and distribution network to keep pace with global demands.

elta fans asia

From our own manufacturing facilities on four continents to a carefully selected network of international distributors, we combine global reach with local service. Facilities Managers are being urged to consider the benefits of a reliable ventilation system, in light of the news that A new trade agreement between Duct Products, a ventilation products distributor, and Swegon, specialists in indoor climate and life safety Simply visit our contact page.

Find out more about our activities, recent news and opportunities on our social page. Close Controls Controls. Discover a day in the life of our Elta Group and our businesses, on four continents, as we chase the sun across the globe. Play chasing the sun. We're celebrating the past 20 years Find out more. Find out more about Our rebrand Find out more. Who are elta group? Read More.

Brands on four continents.

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