Arm pain after sneezing

There are a number of reasons why your arm would ache, but there are several clues in this instance that tell me what the cause of the symptoms are most likely to be. Normally, when the achiness is in the entire arm, this is due to the fact that the nerve that is irritated lg blu ray disc player remote manual causing the pain to travel down the arm along the nerve in question to the muscles that that nerve controls.

Between the spinal bones that make up your neck are fluid filled discs like a ketchup packet that provide cushioning and shock absorption. The discs also help to maintain adequate space for the nerves that come off the spinal cord to pass between the spinal segments without being compressed. If these nerves that come off the spinal cord are compressed by a disc irritation, injury or loss of disc height space, then the nerve becomes irritated.

arm pain after sneezing

Since nerves attach to and control muscles, if a nerve is compressed, then the nerve carries the irritation to the muscle it controls. That muscle then becomes irritated, sore and goes into a spasm. This makes the entire arm ache since the nerves in the neck and arm start at the neck portion of the spinal cord and run the entire way down the arm. By nature, coughing, sneezing and laughing increase pressure on the discs and nerve roots internally. So, if the nerve and or disc are irritated, and then you cough, sneeze or laugh, increasing internal pressure on an already irritated area, then this makes sense as to why the pain in the arm is occurring.

Just for reference, the more pressure there is at a nerve near the spine where it comes off the spinal cord, the more pain there will be down the entire arm. In order to get the arm achiness and pain to go away as well as return to sitting, coughing and sneezing without pain, the pressure must be removed from the disc and nerve root.

This can be done by the highly trained physical therapists at Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy who will perform a through evaluation on you to determine the root cause of why your arm is achy and painful. Cardin and Miller therapists will work to remove the pressure from the nerve and or disc, which will take away the arm pain and get you back to a pain free life.

Please email me at smiller cardinmillerpt. Steve Miller is the owner of Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy and can be reached by email at smiller cardinmillerpt. His column will appear bi-monthly in the Thrive section of the Sentinel and on Cumberlink.

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Disc prolaps (herniated) of the neck

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Sign up! Related to this story. Most Popular. Ask Pt.This may sound funny but I do have arm pain after sneezing. It hurts to the point of having to hold onto it until it stops. Discussions By Condition: Muscle conditions. Posted In: Muscle conditions Replies. Hey all, I'm a physical therapist and these symptoms are quite familar to me. During sneezing, coughing, or bearing down neck pain is often radiated into several patterns depending on which nerve is being irritated google search cervical dermatone map.

The pressure within the neck increases during these activities making the most likely culprit a bulging disc impinging on a cervical nerve root. This is pretty common for folks with disc related low back pain as well.

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My advice is to go to the doctor and get checked out as symptoms can persist and get more severe. Physical therapy and chiropractics have both been shown to significantly decrease these symptoms facilitate a quicker recovery, my bias though would obviously be to see a PT spoken like a true PT.

I am 28 f I have had this same problem for as long as I can remember. I have given birth so I no pain but this is bad bad pain it hurts so bad I don't use my right arm after for half an hour some one need look into this. I have both seen stars and had that radiating arm pain, somewhat uneven but on both sides.

In my case I wouldn't feel it during each cough but if I do feel pain, it's most intense during the cough and less so in between coughs, but still hurts. The pain during the cough can be extremely painful - like knife-sharp and I seem to feel that more in my upper arms and forarms.

That lasts for several minutes afterwards. As for the stars, typically when i have pain with coughing is also when I would see stars. That was always kind of a 'glitter' experience until this last episode when i saw psychedelic colors like on a rohrshak sp? That's when i was like, 'man i gotta go see the doctor. It did turn out i had high blood pressure. I also have some chronic neck and back issues that i consider fairly minor but I do have some nerve impingement.

I wonder if anyone who's been following this thread all along can summarize the various diagnoses and suggestions. I can't believe how many posts there are on this topic.So, I sneezed, and my upper arm began to hurt.

I don't think this has ever happened before. Is it anything to worry about? You are fine, your body is just really dehydrated and the pressure of the sneeze brought out the pain.

You need to start drinking more water, your pee should be completely clear.

arm pain after sneezing

Make sure the water is filtered, check the bottle that it is filtered too. Water is the lubrication for your muscles and joints, without getting into it on a higher level. When you drink coffee, soda, or fake juice your body becomes more dehydrated. The water that you do have leaves the rest of your body and goes to protect the vital organs. When that gets depleted you get a headache. You need to drink 2 to 1 of water per day.

Or 2 pounds of weight to 1 ounce of water. You can live over 40 days with just only water, you cannot pass over a few days with no water. Water and sea salt are the two most important things to consume. Hope this helped you, notice when you take most medicines they tell you to drink water! My guess would be a pinched nerve in your neck - see a doc soon, probably get referred to a neurologist for an EMG [ElectroMyeloGram, a test of nerve conduction velocity, which tells if one is pinched].

However, pain in the left arm is one symptom of a heart attack, and sneezing might be doing things to your blood pressure so let the doc figure it out. Tight neck muscles can be the cause of your pain as well. The sneezing causes them to tighten up putting pressure on the nerves in the area. I have done neck work where I had to stop because the people were having pains shooting down to their finger tips.

Those muscles are harder to release and need extra help in getting released for your relief. The strategies that Dr. Labrum in the Neuropathy Solution recommends are quite diverse. This happens to me and I've been reading up on it, apparently there is this elastic stuff at the mucles and joints called "fascia" i might have spelled it wrong but when you sneeze it sometimes causes it to tighten up and cause pain. The ulnar and radial nerves in the arm articulate very closely with your brachial plexus near the outer regions of your respiratory system.

When you sneeze violently this causes a shift in your diaphragm which causes a disturbance of your upper limb nerves. Answer Save. New World. Jordan 4 years ago Report. This Site Might Help You. RE: Pain in left arm after sneezing? How do you think about the answers?This may sound funny but I do have arm pain after sneezing.

It hurts to the point of having to hold onto it until it stops. Discussions By Condition: Muscle conditions. Posted In: Muscle conditions Replies. I have this problem too. My arms will hurt right at and below the elbow after I sneeze. The larger the sneeze the more and longer they seem to hurt, it's a very intense tingly soreness that usually lasts about ten seconds. Also, I believe the right arm usualy hurts more.

arm pain after sneezing

It didn't used to happen when I was a kid, I started noticing it around high school I haven't met anyone else with this problem. My doctor would probably think I was crazy if I went to him about this problem. I don't understand wy it hurts. Yes, me too. See this post, it's outdated, but somewhat helpful. I still don't know the cause, but I'll be here, fighting for sneeze-arm-pain-sufferers SAPS everywhere.

I've had sharp, tingly arm pain--all over pain actually--during some especially hard sneezes, most of my adult life.

Pain when sneezing (back, neck, arms)

What I find interesting is that now, at 56 years old, I have a very similar, but much more painful situation when I try to jog with the dog, or do something fairly strenuous. The first time this happened I immediately went in for cardio scans and treadmill tests. Everything appeared to be normal and I didn't get the pains on the treadmill--walking, even briskly doesn't seem to cause it.

If I stand in place and jump up and down I can set it off--a sharp, tearing, burning sensation that seems to be rather shallow, not under the rib cage.

It does feel similar to the pain I've experienced after a big sneeze, across the chest and back, down the arms into the hands.If you have a disc prolaps also known as a slipped disc or hernia nuclei pulposipart of an intervertebral disc protrudes from the spine.

This occurs most frequently in the lower back lumbar vertebrae or in the neck cervical vertebrae. The protruding part presses against a nerve root.

arm pain after sneezing

This can irritate the nerve, and it may even get trapped, causing complaints in the part of the body supplied by this nerve, with pain radiating to an arm. Intervertebral discs may start to protrude as a person gets older. They may even tear, and then its contents can be pushed towards the spinal canaljust where the nerve root is located. This type of ageing of the intervertebral disc is a normal process and can happen to all people. This means that anyone can get a herniated cervical disc, though it does tend to occur more frequently in some families.

Smoking also appears to have an influence, especially on the severity of the problem. The main complaint among patients with a herniated cervical disc is a pain that radiates to their arm. This pain usually starts before the pain in the neck, or at the same time. The pain often increases when patients cough, sneeze or push. If you visit our clinic with pain radiating to your arm, which becomes worse when you cough, sneeze or push, it is very likely that you have a herniated cervical disc.

This can be confirmed by certain tests that are part of the neurological examination you will get. In addition, the doctor will test the mobility of your neck and shoulder, to see whether certain movements are restricted or painful.

The doctor will also feel your neck to see whether pressing on any of the vertebrae causes pain. Depending on the cause of your pain, your pain specialist will decide whether or not to embark on physical treatment. Based on the results of the completed pain questionnaire, additional examinations can be carried out and, apart from physical treatment, other methods of treatment will be suggested. If the results of your pain questionnaire are abnormal, your pain specialist will offer you one of the non-physical treatments listed below:.

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What is a disc prolaps of the neck? Causes Intervertebral discs may start to protrude as a person gets older. Signs and symptoms The main complaint among patients with a herniated cervical disc is a pain that radiates to their arm. How is disc prolaps of the neck diagnosed? Do I need additional examinations? Diagnostic examination for other non-physical factors important for your pain, have already been done by yourself trough filling out your pain questionnaires. Since the neurological examination usually confirms the diagnosis, further examinations are not always necessary.As a result, you end up sneezing to clear debris that has entered the nasal cavity e.

Although sneezing is a completely normal reaction, some people report experiencing arm pain after sneezing — which can be very concerning. If you have a history of heart problems e. The severity or intensity of the pain that you experience in your arms from sneezing will be subject to individual variation — as will the duration of time over which the pain persists following the sneeze.

The severity of arm pain that is experienced will vary among users. Some people will report modest tolerable pain, whereas others will report moderate very uncomfortable or severe downright excruciating pain following their sneezes. Not everyone will experience the same duration of pain in the arms from sneezing. Some people will report pain that lasts for just a few seconds, whereas others might report that pain lasts for minutes or hours following the act of sneezing.

The duration of pain in the arms after sneezing could vary — even in the same person. For example, you might sneeze today and experience pain that persists for a few seconds, whereas sneezing tomorrow might cause pain that persists for minutes or hours. There are many possible causes of arm pain after sneezing — many of which are probably related to the spinal cord. Note : There may be other causes of arm pain after sneezing besides the ones listed above. For this reason, it is imperative that you seek the attention of a qualified medical doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

There are various examinations that may need to be performed to determine the root cause of your arm pain associated with sneezing. Understand that some of these examinations can be expensive, but are generally necessary to attain an accurate diagnosis. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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